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For the Love of Fish!

Quality. Year-round Availability. Traceability. Sustainability. Passion.
It’s what sets Presteve apart.
Quality. Availability. Traceability. Sustainability. Passion.

It’s what sets Presteve apart.

How Presteve is adapting products to help Food Service, Dining, and Retail clients during this challenging time.


At Presteve, the fact that we manage every step of the process is reflected in our high-quality product. From hauling in the nets full of fresh caught fish to delivering your order to your door, high standards are met every step of the way. 

Traceability & Sustainability

Each load of fish we bring in from the fresh Great Lakes water can be traced back to the boat it came from and the day it was caught. Presteve takes every measure to ensure fish and seafood are harvested in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Delivered fresh & fast!

Presteve is uniquely able to secure product availability year-round through a vital combination of quota ownership and strategically-positioned multi-plant processing near water’s edge. Our trucking and delivery is best in the business due to our precise logistics management that gets our fish from lakefront to storefront on time, as ordered.

We do fresh caught best

Presteve is #1 in delivering wild-caught, fresh-water fish to North America. We are on the lakes, year round, catching, processing, delivering the fish consumers want most…and in abundance.

Our Team

We have the fish you need, how you need it, when you need it. That means flexibility. And happy customers.

Presteve.  Fresh Caught Fish. Your way.


Have a look at what makes Presteve different …

Presteve values the entire fish, from head to tail.

That’s why we’ve made the 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge. Find out more.  

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