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Our Story

Our Story

There’s the love of fish and seafood, then there’s the love of fresh caught fish and seafood. Presteve is all about fresh from the lake, fresh from the river, fresh from the ocean. Innovation brings the fish and seafood to people quickly, perfectly. Presteve supplies our customers with only quality, fresh fish and seafood brought to you through innovation and just good taste.

Presteve began in the 1980s as a fleet of fishing vessels. Today, Presteve is a leading, vertically-integrated harvester, processor and distributor of wild-caught, freshwater fish and other specialty proteins.

Presteve has three base locations of operations strategically located on Lake Erie and Lake Superior, as well as satellite operations situated at key locations of concentrated fishing. Presteve’s base locations are federally-monitored by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and have maintained a rating of “Excellent” since inception.

Fresh from the lake…

Presteve is proud to be the leader in the delivery of high quality, fresh fish and seafood to North American and European markets.

Our state-of-the-art, centrally-located plants allow Presteve to process and deliver fish, fresh and frozen, to their final destinations quickly. Our own fleet of trucks deliver directly to regional customers or to airports for long-distance delivery. Presteve’s North American shipping expertise guarantees our customers receive prompt and professional service, coast to coast.

Customers depend on Presteve to supply value-added products and respond fluidly to fluctuating demands by the marketplace through flexible product development.

Presteve takes every measure to ensure fish and seafood is harvested in an environmentally-conscious manner.
Sustainability is a top priority.

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