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Presteve values the entire fish, from head to tail.


To prove our commitment, we’ve made the 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge.  Our customers love our fish fillets, but there is so much more to the fish. The 
100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge seeks to identify uses for all parts of the fish and implement new ways to utilize fish byproducts.  Find out more. 

Sustainability of Fishing on the Great Lakes:
Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, Lake Huron

At Presteve, we take sustainability very seriously. Our fishing methods ensure the long-term vitality of our lakes.

  • Presteve harvests, processes and distributes Walleye and Yellow Perch from Lake Erie. These fish carry the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of sustainability. This is the premium global standard for sustainable fisheries throughout the seafood community.
  • Through responsible management, we take care to stabilize fish populations and maintain healthy marine ecosystems.
  • Presteve partners only with suppliers and fishermen who share our strict standards for Country of Origin compliance.
  • We consult with specialists in the field to ensure we are aware of all necessary rulings and respectfully manage all factors that affect sustainability.

What we do today, affects us all tomorrow: not just as a company, but as individuals with family, friends and communities that depend on clean, fresh water.

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