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How we deal with today's challenges

Presteve is adapting products to help Food Service, Dining, and Retail clients during this challenging time. 

As we look to the future in Food Service, Dining, and Retail operations, we at Presteve are committed to assisting you when challenges arise.  Restrictions and changes to the restaurant industry have been very impactful this past year as we all well know.

To help in this area, Presteve offers frozen portion products of Great Lakes fish, individually vacuumed packed.  These enable customers operating with limited menus or carry-out operations to provide excellent selections, yet limiting the quantity of product that needs to be opened.

Presteve’s Retail line of frozen, vacuum packed Great Lakes products may be utilized in the grocery stores to add variety to the frozen fish case to enhance current offerings.  For the restaurant owner, the Retail line may be utilized to offer a variety of products to the restaurant customer.

Additionally, Presteve is able to customize portion cuts to meet the needs of the customer.  Tell us what you’d like and we can customize it per your request.

Presteve is #1 in delivering wild-caught, freshwater fish to North America.  As times change and you need to adapt, contact Presteve to help you adapt.  We’re here for you.

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